Real Estate Mentor Jimmy Poh Redefines the Path to Become a Trusted Advisor

With the right mindset and experience, having trained numerous aspiring associates to survive and thrive in the Singapore real estate industry, Jimmy Poh has reformulated the path of becoming a trusted advisor. 

SINGAPORE / MARCH 12, 2020 / Singapore, being one of the most important locations right now in the real estate investment industry, has developed quite the reputation as being the center for regional real estate property investments, which makes being an advisor one can trust such a vital asset to anyone looking to profit off of property ownership. In Singapore, as a trusted advisor, one is mandated to be able to elegantly convince a client and be able to advise accordingly. There is a need for one to be able to give clear paths for a client to take and be able to deliver and fulfill the promises made. With his much-appreciated expertise in the real estate industry, Jimmy has continually redefined the path to become a trusted advisor. He has set up a systematic program to help thousands who have a knack for becoming trusted advisors.

“Friends and family members thought I was crazy when I’ve ventured out into the world of real estate advisory,” says Jimmy. But his unique approach to ‘always putting clients’ needs and wants before your own’ made him highly reputed among clients within a short period. Besides, he has an unmatched impact and influence on people and a good charm and demeanor, qualities that make him one of the best. He is also working on what is known as Marina One Residences, which is a collaboration between Singapore’s Temasek and Malaysia’s Khazanah Nasional Berhad. As Jimmy so succinctly puts it, “in an industry that’s as dynamic as Singapore, property developers need to place the interests of people on top, and Marina One Residences is a fine example for that. That’s exactly why it’s gaining good momentum in the industry as the best buy at the moment.”

Marina One Residences has an attractive entry psf. With the future transformation plans of Marina Bay being identified under the URA Master Plan 2019, it stands out as a good investment opportunity, historically what appears in the URA Master Plan will be realised. With the government’s focus on The Greater South Waterfront (GSW), the future of the southern coastline will be flourished with Residential and Commercial properties inline with the lifestyle and recreation concepts envisioned in the next 10 to 15 years, which further enhances the value of Marina One Residences as the sole property that is nearest to the southern waters today. The vast majority of land space in front of Marina One Residences will propel its prices up a notch when the land is finally filled with newer and higher-priced, sea-facing prime properties.

As a person who has diverse experience, Jimmy possesses such a strong passion in real estate which is coupled up by his dedication and enthusiasm all of which will make your property search experience in Singapore fun and successful.  “On becoming a trusted advisor, the client is fully reliant on you and you should be able to put their interests in front of your own as well as work hard to understand the clients’ needs. I don’t want to just help my associates succeed in the industry, I intend to train them to become better and more responsible as a person as well” explains Jimmy. He has made it his mission to train steadfast achievers, groom sophisticated leaders, and build dynamic divisions. His vision is to lead an extremely dynamic group that empowers its realtors to be the best they can be.

Jimmy plays a key role in the Preeminent Group, which is the largest group in ERA Singapore in terms of the number of agents and revenue growth. Finding him as a true leader with capable mentoring skills, Jimmy was appointed as the group’s trainer right after his first year in the industry, something that’s rare and difficult to come by for most people. In January 2020, Jimmy has once again proved himself to be one of the Top 1% within the company, achieving 40th position out of 7000+ realtors. With a good attitude and knowledge about how to bind his time, Jimmy intends to lay down a simple and effective mentorship program that would help thousands to become trusted advisors.

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