ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrar Web4Africa Extends Into New Data Centres

Leading pan-African web hosting company Web4Africa, which is accredited by ICANN as an authorised domain name registrar, expands into four new data centres in their effort to provide a more reliable web hosting services across the region.

ICANN Accredited domain name registrar and prominent pan-African web hosting company Web4Africa is extending into four new data centres. With this, the company will now be able to provide more reliable and efficient web hosting services with broadened servers. They are expanding their web hosting infrastructure so they can provide improved services to their international clients. Websites can now be hosted and stored on massive servers. “We are working hard to provide better services to our customers. I believe we can only do this by widening our web hosting infrastructure which is increasing the number of our servers. We are in the business of providing technologies and services needed for all kind of businesses regardless of their industry or size to be viewed and displayed on the internet, so we are making sure we provide these services more efficiently,” explains the CEO of Web4Africa.

Web4Africa has an improved high-class web hosting framework that includes quality performing servers that ensures high uptime to make sure their clients don’t lose any customers at all. Networking accessories and dual-stack multi-homed autonomous internet protocol networks ensure the smooth operation of websites. Their systems are secure and have the ability to convey web traffic expeditiously. They distribute effective website domain names to their worldwide customers while also administering web hosting solutions and services.

Earlier the company was in the news for building West Africa’s first mirror project, which intended to drastically improve the availability of free and open-source software in and around Nigeria. To help more businesses in the region build their digital presence, the company frequently offer regular discounts and run promotions.

About Web4Africa

Established in 2002, Web4Africa is known for its own enterprise-grade hardware, resilient dual-stack IP network backed by capable and responsive support personnel. Domains, web hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private servers, colocation and dedicated servers are among the many services provided to ensure the smooth running of client websites. They are an ICANN Accredited domain name registrar that works directly with domain name registries. Now, the firm can provide the customers with the choice of data centre locations in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya or South Africa to have a more efficient digital presence. To encourage businesses and individuals who are into digital currencies, Web4Africa also accepts payments in bitcoin.

More information about the services can be found at https://web4africa.com

Media contact details:

Name: Gbenga Ajao
Company: Web4Africa
Email: pr@web4africa.net
Website: https://web4africa.com
Address: 372 Oak Avenue, Randburg, South Africa
Phone: +27 10 500 8831

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